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Based on the exhibition themes we created a special kit: games and manual exercises which help discover Rzewuski’s story in a captivating way. Designed for children and adults alike, these materials can be used in various contexts – as a form of self-paced learning, as part of classroom workshops and at home, as entertainment for entire families.


The exhibition is designed to share the amazing stories of Wacław Seweryn Rzewuski with the general public – in the spirit of open science. All of its content and designs are available under an open source license for adaptation and further reuse. The designs allow to reproduce parts of the exhibition in its full scale as a standalone experience (ca. 100-120 sq meters) as well as a low-cost version based on posters (with the possibility of creating language versions other than English and Arabic, under the condition that the design remains untouched).

If you want to create your own version of the exhibition or exhibit the original project (as designed for EXPO 2020 Dubai), feel free to contact us at

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